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Home Video Woodgrain Bike Frame Painting Etsy

Woodgrain Bike Frame Painting Etsy

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After a lifetime of custom painting car interiors, Rob Pollock turns to woodgraining bicycles and gives the custom bike a whole new twist.


For over 40 years Rob Pollock has been perfecting the art of faux woodgraining. Traditionally used in the restoration of classic cars and vintage hot rods, Rob has applied this technique to custom bike frames. Each frame is hand painted by Rob himself and finished with two pot epoxy resin to give a hard durable finish.

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Here's a How-To for even the most un-mechanical: the ABC's of basic bicycle repair. With Susan Lindell from Brooklyn's Recycle-A-Bicycle leading the way, your dusty, rusty bike will be ready to roll in no time.

Having trouble slogging through this steamy haze? There's more than just air conditioning to help you beat the heat.

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